It was in the cold and dark Nordic winter of 2016 that the idea for Gray Army Gaming was initially conceived. After several months of planning and preparation the organization was finally founded in the autumn of 2016 in beautiful Lund, Sweden. From the beginning, the goal of G.A.G. has been to develop gaming and media content for fantasy wargaming and thereby to provide resources for fostering entertaining and creative gameplay within the gaming community. 

​​About Gray Army Gaming

Although Warhammer batreps have been the flagship content for Gray Army Gaming, the studio also develops videos on wargaming terrain, product reviews, rules, philosophial reflections on gaming, gaming randomness, and much more. It is in the creative studio at the Lund location that Gray Army Gaming produces its film content, constructs the various terrain pieces employed in its fantasy games, restores and prepares miniatures, and simply enjoys throwing down dice with friend and foe alike.


Founder and Curator of Gray Army Gaming

​Matthew's interest in fantasy gaming began over two decades ago with the purchase of a set of High Elf and Goblin miniatures. Since then, his creative  impulse has led him into the areas of terrain construction and media content development. Matthew holds a PhD in philosophy, and when not curating Gray Army Gaming he is busy with teaching and a host of other academic projects. He currently resides with his family in Lund, Sweden.