Come join us in Lund at Playoteket! Gray Army Gaming is always looking for individuals who are interested in helping to produce content for the Fantasy Consortium. Are you interested in filming a Warhammer Fantasy or Mordheim batrep with us? Do you have other ideas for media content that you would like to produce? Please feel free to contact us and visit us here in Lund, Sweden! 

For the Future of Fantasy!

Become a member of the Fantasy Consortium by subscribing to and participating in it's official YouTube channel. It is through this medium that members are able to meet one another, share ideas, and produce content.  

We need you! There are numerous ways in which you are able to contribute to the Fantasy Consortium in the fight for the future of fantasy. Below we have listed a few of these

that prove particularly significant for the work that we do here. 

Join the Movement!

The roots of the Fantasy Consortium can be traced back to an idea that began in 2018. As a consequence of Games Workshop and other media companies leaving behind Warhammer Fantasy for other ventures, thousands of faithful fantasy followers have been left in the lurch. It was in response to this problem that Gray Army Gaming began to develop a new vision for the future of fantasy--a vision in which fantasy would find a new thriving home here in the heart of Lund, Sweden. 

All of the initiatives and content produced by Gray Army Gaming and the Fantasy Consortium have been financed almost entirely by the founder alone. Operating costs for running these projects, however, can be steep. As such, we are always thankful for any financial support that you are able to provide as we move forward for the future of fantasy. 

The idea with the Fantasy Consortium, however, has always been broader than just fantasy miniature games. Our dream is that this consortium would be a gathering place for individuals who are passionate about the fantasy genre in all of its various manifestations, whether miniatures, video games, role-playing games, LARP, handcrafting, medieval festivals, writing, music, and so forth. As we see it, the more interconnected this network becomes, the greater are the prospects for the future of fantasy!