Episode 021

​The Empire (Solo Campaign)

The ground has begun to tremble from the vibrations of the feet of thousands of rat warriors. Tucked away on the edge of the ruined village of Fjellheim is the small Empire force, waiting in anticipation for the coming onslaught. A fog with the harsh scent of black powder floats across the Imperial war machines while the armor of the spearmen and cavalry glimmer in the dancing rays of the morning sun. A roar is heard in the distance as giant rat ogres bound through the forest flanked by terrible Skaven war machines. The gaze of the resolute soldiers of the Empire is met by the thousand bloodshot eyes of slaves and clanrats. A horrible crackling sound like approaching lightning emanates from the front lines as the mighty Skaven Gray Seer summons his magical bolts in terrifying plumes of green. The Empire hangs together by a thread. The civilized world is collapsing. The vermin invasion has begun.


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In an age of destruction, where life is held captive by fire

and sword, courage and honor still remain in

Legendary Battles