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Episode 002

​​Poker Case to Warband Case

In this video we will be renovating (what we believe is) a poker chip case to become a cheap but super functional protective case for our miniature warbands and Mordheim figurines. To begin, we dump out all of the poker chips and begin to measure the inside dimensions of the bottom and the top of the case. Once we have our measurements, we then take our chair-cushion foam (which we have removed from its cloth covers) and cut these to fit the inside of the case. We put two layers on the deeper bottom and one layer on the shallower top. With these soft layers, we are now able to make a "figurine sandwich" that nicely holds our figurines in place, but without too much pressure that would damage them. The result of this renovation is a cheap and easy way to get a great protective case for all of your gaming needs!