In this series we investigate old and new games alike where we take a look at their contents and their rules 

Short videos typically around three minutes long that work through the 8th edition fantasy wargaming rulebook from basic to more advanced rules

Brief reviews of wargaming products from large and small companies

for the busy wargamer

Videos covering the process involved in building massive terrain projects from start to finish

Performances of cover songs of your favorite tunes that have been rewritten according to the theme of wargaming 

Videos in which we take items in poor condition and remake them into beautiful wargaming pieces.

Video news and announcements to help keep you up to date with developments at Gray Army Gaming

Videos in which we open boxes of wargaming figurines and items,

assemble them, and tell their stories.

A series of videos in which we follow Gray Army Gaming's process in learning how to paint miniatures.

Battle Reports covering small skirmish games and campaigns using the Mordheim rules system

It is the eve of the collapse of the Empire and the Borderlands are in flames. Which warband will prove strong enough to survive?

Videos of improvised story-telling where we make up a narrative as prompted by Rory's Story Cubes and thus follow the adventures of our character Ven

Videos covering news, updates, and the activities of the movement the Fantasy Consortium. For the Future of Fantasy! 

A few simple steps for constructing wargaming terrain and other items in a straightfoward, cheap,  and efficient manner

Musings and reflections at the intersection of philosophy and gaming, presented by a philogamer

A series of videos launched by the Fantasy Consortium in which the Fantasy community picks up the torch of producing quality Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition battle reports

This is “The Poetics of Play”
The marriage of gaming and poetry
With themes like Warhammer 40k
And my first love Warhammer Fantasy

Videos in which the process of communication within wargaming is practiced through the giving and receiving of feedback


Music videos of original songs and cover songs written and performed

by Gray Army Gaming.

In an age of destruction,

where life is held captive by fire and sword, courage and honor still remain in

Legendary Battles

Scattered odd, humorous, and absurd videos on random subjects dealing roughly with wargaming